The Strongest Charity Fundraiser You've Ever Seen

Final Update: $41,645 Raised! 

“Pull for Pride” is an unconventional spin on active fundraising — a test of strength designed to raise money and build awareness for Minneapolis’s homeless youth.  

Co-hosted by The Movement Minneapolis and Women’s Strength Coalition, “Pull for Pride Minneapolis” is one arm of a seven-part, nationwide fundraising series, taking place in Brooklyn, DC, San Diego, Stewartstown, Atlanta, Richmond, and Minneapolis throughout the month of June. “Pull for Pride Minneapolis” will kick off Pride Weekend in the Twin Cities on Saturday, June 23rd, with a “test of strength” approach — testing each lifter’s muscular strength and mental fortitude as much as proving the strength of an entire community.

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Support Homeless Youth in the Twin Cities

“Pull for Pride Minneapolis” will benefit Avenues for Homeless Youth, a non-profit dedicated to providing housing, basic needs, and supportive services to help homeless youth. Avenues is also one of the few Home Host programs available for LGBTQ homeless youth. Homeless adolescents and young adults, who number roughly 6,000 in Minnesota on a given day, are so often a segment of our population that feels powerless in the face of trauma and abuse.  

At the event up to 50 lifter-fundraisers will take turns deadlifting progressively higher weights, aiming to match dollar for pound to help lift up these often-unnoticed homeless youth. The deadlift, for the uninitiated, involves stepping up behind a loaded barbell, grasping the bar, standing up with the weight, and setting it back down on the ground. It is a simple lift that is imbued with meaning: coming forward to face a challenge, and succeeding through the simple mechanism of one’s own strength. 

The Day of the Event

The deadlifts commence after opening introductions kick off at 10am! Between on-going raffle giveaways, music, and celebrating, each lifter will take their turn deadlifting as the weight progressively gets higher. Each lifter will get a total of three attempts to score their best weight.  

After all of the attempts, we'll continue the celebration with a short awards ceremony and more raffle giveaways. While we ask that you bring your own sunscreen, we'll have plenty of food and drink options available. And to keep you well fed for celebrating, Black Market BBQ and Flagsmash are back with smoked meats and tacos!

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